Course Description

This course is for womxn who'd like to learn about how intuition works, and learn how to use intuitive guidance in their own lives rather than seeking answers outside of themselves. 

Intuition Teacher

Chenae Carey

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Hello and welcome!

    • A quick hello from me...

  • 2

    Section 1: Getting started

    • WELCOME TO SECTION 1: Watch this first to get started!

    • Overview of this course

    • The best way to use this course for the best results

    • How to get technical support during this course

    • What to do if you have a question about the content

    • Key term alert! Which will you choose?

    • QUIZ: Getting started

  • 3

    Section 2: Understanding intuition

    • WELCOME TO SECTION 2: Understanding intuition

    • What is intuition?

    • What is not intuition? Busting some intuition myths!

    • Introducing the two types of intuition

    • The first type of intuition

    • The second type of intuition

    • QUIZ: Understanding intuition

  • 4

    Section 3: Getting to the heart of it

    • WELCOME TO SECTION 3: Getting to the heart of it

    • What's love got to do with it?

    • The heart's role in intuition

    • Putting it all together with a practice

    • Heart congruence - how often?

    • The benefits of heart congruence

    • QUIZ: Getting to the heart of it

  • 5

    Section 4: How to bring it all together to increase your intuition

    • WELCOME TO SECTION 4: How to bring this all together to increase your intuition

    • Trust trust trust!

    • The formula you need

    • Practice - love or fear?

    • Making decisions using your intuition

    • The Spiritually Fierce Vow

    • QUIZ: Bringing it all together to increase your intuition