5 day fearlessness challenge

...are YOU ready? | taught by Chenae Carey

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If you're ready to take a few small steps to be free from ONE fear in ONE week, then this challenge is for you! 

It's free, so what have you got to lose? 

Chenae Carey
Chenae Carey
Intuition Teacher

Back in 2013, my life was pretty unfulfilling. I was working in a regular job, and life was 'normal.'

Through a series of seemingly unconnected events (though there are no coincidences), I fell into personal development and soon after I started an online business. Before long my job was made redundant and I decided it was time to take a leap into full-time self employment. I quickly came across the Institute for Intuitive Intelligence. It changed my life dramatically. I didn't know it at the time, but my intuition was completely guiding me, calling to me. 

In 2017 I signed up for a 12 month intuition program, and booked a business retreat in Tuscany. I couldn't explain why, but I felt like I NEEDED to do them. 

Nowadays, I'm an Intuition & Meditation teacher and I can say with confidence that those decisions were guided by my intuition. I understand the workings of intuition, the supporting science and am on a mission to dispel the myths that intuition is a gift bestowed upon a select few. When I teach intuition to womxn, together we explore how to activate their intuition and TRUST themselves.

I've never felt more fulfilled and congruent, and it's my absolute privilege to serve you. 

Chenae x

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