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How do you go posting to your Facebook biz page? 

Would you like to be more consistent, and have ideas GIVEN to you? 

Some accountability to get your posts written would be great, too. Right?

Every month you will join me and a gorgeous group of other female biz owners LIVE to create your FB content, learn about the FB changes and regularly write and distribute content. 


(or $375 for 6 months)

90min workshops each month 

PLUS weekly 1hr coworking calls 

* This membership is open to women only.

I share ideas for content regularly into the members-only FB group so you don't sit there with the blinking cursor of doom. I share tips and hacks to save you time and energy. I also give you canva design templates/ideas and feedback.


May 30th 10am AEST (Thu)
June 26th 10am AEST (Wed) 


Bonus: every Friday I run a live co-working Zoom room 11am - 12pm AEST! This is when you sit down and write and schedule all the content you keep putting off. This is the ultimate #procrastinationbuster




"Facebook workshops with Chenae are AMAZING. Not only did I get inspiration for eleventy-billion new posts on my FB page, I actually MADE THEM! Thank you so much Chenae, you really know how to make my page SING with me and my biz!" - Tash Corbin 

 "Facebook workshops with Chenae are amazing fun! It gets me to think about & develop my Facebook content in a planned way. Interacting with Chenae and the group is inspiring and really boosts your creativity. Great value for what you achieve. Do it!" - Melissa Malone (Miss Pop-Ins) 


"I attended a Facebook workshop with Chenae and wow what a blast! Chenae made Facebook scheduling and creating content easy to understand and at a pace that even the freshest beginner could understand. Her vibrant enthusiasm was infectious and her support was amazing, I would highly recommend Chenae and her workshops to everyone wanting to learn more about this subject. Thank you." - Joy Fairhall (Mind Body Joy)

"I used to find the thought of coming up with, creating and posting on Facebook totally overwhelming. I would simply freeze when I sat down to come up with the content. By attending a Facebook workshop with Chenae, she helped me realise that it really is a simple and easy process and, all I needed to do was give it a little time each week. Her tips, suggestions and contagious enthusiasm really made a huge difference for me. I'm now confidently creating posts that are genuine and reflect who I am, as a result I'm already getting more interaction from likers than I have before. Also I just received a compliment from someone I admire about my page being one of the most personal and connected pages that they had seen in a while. Thanks Chenae, your Facebook workshop has already made a huge difference to my Facebook page and ultimately my business." - Anna Mason


" I only listened to the replay of Chenae's free Facebook workshop and I got a TON of stuff I can use right now. I love her bubbly fun attitude to life - it's catching!" - Denise Litchfield 


" I love the 3Cs of this Facebook Membership. I love the community, the content and the care Chenae gives to each client." - Karen Purves, Aging without limits 


" The Monthly Facebook Workshops allow me to be nurtured in my own growth, while understanding and learning the power of FB for my business. ❤" - Linda Bonney 


" I feel seen, understood, encouraged, nurtured and have access to the unlimited potential of FB in my online world" - Dee Cooper-Wells, Soul Whispers by Dee 



" This group has given me the confidence to continually step up in my business and not worry about any FB changes as the gentle, caring, no BS Chenae will guide us."

- Darleen Redman, Single Boss Lady 


PS. You'll need a working knowledge of Canva or something similar. If you need to get up to speed with Canva, I've got a training course for $49. It's called Boresome to Awesome Canva Training. Here's the link:

PPS. This membership is open to women only.

Intuition Teacher

Chenae Carey

Course curriculum

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    • Read this first!

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    Join us live here!

    • The Zoom link to attend LIVE

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    Video modules

    • Facebook pages, profiles and groups

    • Facebook content plans

    • 5 essential post types you need

    • Facebook cover images

    • Give your FB page a health check

    • How to be stalkable

    • Messenger tips and tricks

    • Selling your stuff in FB groups

    • How to set your content plan up in Asana

    • How to use your content plan in Asana to get ready to outsource (part 2)

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    BONUS - Free Live Canva Template Sessions

    • 8 November 2018

    • 15 November 2018

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