Ditch that ONE fear that's in your way

...and thrive in 2019! | taught by Chenae Carey

Course description

Are you letting fear sit in the driver's seat of your life and then wonder why parts of your life/biz/relationships are shit?

Ever find yourself complaining that things don't go your way? 

Then you've probably given up the freedom that is your bloody birthright to create your own life, and let fear take over! 

Ready to grab that fear by the proverbial balls and ditch it? Here's what we covered in the webinar: 


You will identify your own fear that you want to work on. 


We'll do a live meditation to work out the root of the fear, so we can uproot it's core. 


Together we will release it from yous subconscious. 

Are you in?  

Chenae Carey
Chenae Carey
Facebook Content and Confidence Coach | Life Coach

Course Curriculum

Here's the recording!
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