Boresome to Awesome Canva Training

Creating images in Canva for beginners | taught by Chenae Carey

Course description

Hi there!

Welcome to my program: Boresome to Awesome Canva Training!

This program include a series of short videos on Canva training. You will be able to go at your own pace, and watch the videos when you are ready.

Module 1: Hello Canva: The basics

Module 2: What are all these things?

Module 3: Images & photos

Module 4: Having a play with text

Module 5: Your theme and brand

Module 6: Tips and tricks

This is a fun learning program where you get to practice. Please share your images in our very own closed Facebook group designed JUST for this program.

You'll build confidence creating images, sharing them and getting seen on Facebook!


Chenae Carey
Chenae Carey
Facebook Content and Confidence Coach | Life Coach

Course Curriculum

Read me first!
Please watch this before you start the training!
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Module 1
Hello Canva: The basics
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Module 2
What are all these things?
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Module 3
Images & photos
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Module 4
Having a play with text​
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Module 5
Your theme and brand
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Module 6
Tips and tricks​
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